Japan #4 – A Perfect Safe Heaven for Children

One day we took subway to go back the place we stayed.  Just in front of me there are two adults, one man and one woman, together with a little girl sitting between the two.  The kid is around 7 ~ 8 years old, whom I guessed a school girl by her school uniform and a backpack.  Those two adults, I easily assumed as the girl’s parents.

In the middle of riding three of them were all sleeping, the little girl was trying so hard to keep awake but failed to stay up.  My friend and I couldn’t help laughing and I snapped couple of photos of this lovely girl.

At one stop, the two adults sitting next to the girl left the train and walked in different directions.  This meant that they were not couple at all.  Meanwhile we became very worried since this also meant that the girl was riding train ALONE!

The remaining train ride was not a happy one for us anymore, we kept our eyes on the sleepy girl in case anything happened.  Finally at one stop, the girl walked out of the train by herself, and we followed her.  She seemed to be very familiar with where she should be going, we watched her going up the escalator before disappearing into the crowed.  Then it became our turn to find our way home since unlike the girl we actually got lost on a wrong stop!

How could it be possible that such a young kid took public transportation alone?  Actually it is not so uncommon in Tokyo, during next few days I saw several cases that kids in school uniform riding train or walking on the roads all by themselves.

Isn’t it too good to be true?  Is it just like a perfect safe heaven for children?

Back to home I still don’t feel comfortable yet to let my 14-year old daughter to go out alone even though she is as tall as me (5’6″).

Thank you for visiting my post!


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