Japan #3 – A Pirate Ship at Lake Ashi

While at Hakone, we took a sightseeing cruise.  Interestingly the cruise ship was designed as a stylish pirate ship (海賊船 in Japanese).  It took us touring on Lake Ashi surrounded by Mount Hakone.

On the shoreline the temperature was above 70 degree, but on the ship it dropped around 50 degree due to strong windshield.  Luckily someone like me from Minnesota could easily endure such a “rough” weather”.  During an – hour trip I ran from head to tail, from left to right on the ship, trying to snap as much as possible photos of the lake and Mount Hakone.

At one point we got extra bonus from the cruise – the great Mount Fuji appeared behind Mount Hakone.  The combination of these two made everybody on the ship scream with excitement, I certainly considered the moment as one of the best moments in my trip to Japan.

On the next day we went to Subashiri 5th Station to see Mount Fuji more closely.  Unfortunately it was raining and gloomy, Mount Fuji was blocked by heavy clouds.  The touring at Lake Ashi became my only experience to see Mount Fuji.

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