Japan #1 – Hakone

After we said farewell to 2018 Fall at Minnesota, I flew to Japan, where I was fortunate to experience another beautiful autumn.  The entire schedule was planned by one of my college classmates, Xiao.  She is a well organized person to lead me sightsee as much as possible during a short 10-day period.

Our first stop is Hakone (箱根).  The small town is located at the west of Tokyo, and is well known for its hot springs resorts (溫泉) and views of the iconic volcano Mount Fuji.  Besides all those magnificent views of mountains and lakes, I was also attracted to the peak of its autumn.

The fall at Hakone remained me of the fall at home, but it is more delicate just like everything else produced in Japan.  The plants with rich red or yellow leafs are everywhere, I didn’t need to go any specific places for my photography.  I often stopped on a roadside to press the shutter on my camera, until I saw my friend disappearing somewhere far forward.

Before we entered a small park to see waterfalls, I noticed a sign with a cross on a tripod which told us a tripod prohibited.  Still I decided to take a chance.  In front a waterfall I waited patiently until everybody finished their picture time.  I quickly set up my tripod and camera.  After a few shots I felt somebody tabbing on my shoulder, a Japanese gentleman was smiling and shaking his head to me.  I pretended not understanding what he meant and asked “what?”.  He only spoke a few English words, “Not this,” he pointed to my set of camera plus tripod.  “Why? I saw many people taking pictures here,” I was still playing dumb.  He finally pointed to my tripod and shook his head.  “Ok, one more shot, two seconds,” I took one last waterfall photo, packed everything together and ran away.

Here are some photos of the autumn at Hakone.

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