Meditation in front of Waterfalls

All of my yoga instructors taught me to go somewhere quiet while doing medication.

I have a strong believe on the most of the words from my yoga instructors, until last weekend.  I drove to a small town close to the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit Willow State Park.  I wanted to capture one of my favorite subjects in photography – waterfalls.

As planned, I used long exposure (~ 2 seconds) to capture some descent photos of waterfalls.

By the time I was getting ready to go home, I found a lady who was meditating in front of the waterfalls.  The waterfalls were roaring down from high mountains, their sounds were so loud that I had to use earbud which operating my camera, but the lady was sitting so still that I photographed her with long exposure and got a sharp focused image.

Maybe she had a powerful will to let her concentrate her inner world, regardless how much chaos outside.

What do you think?

Thanks for visiting my post.

3 thoughts on “Meditation in front of Waterfalls

  1. Wonderful photos and those falls look beautiful! With some of the meditation I’ve done, I have been guided to acknowledge the sounds around me and to accept that they are there before focusing inwards. It was an interesting experience – not that I was sat in front of a roaring waterfall though, I’m not sure how I would fare in those conditions 🙂

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