What are You Picking on, Girl?

Orangutan is a very interesting species.  In the zoo I saw the orangutans with two different kinds of facial features.  I don’t know the reason until I read the scientific description of orangutan as a mature male develops fleshy cheek pads and a throat pouch.

So this must be a male orangutan, by looking at his sharp eye sights hidden behind his cheek pads I guess he is always ready to take any actions to protect his family from enemies.

Another kind of face must belong to a female orangutan, such as this.

At the moment I took this photo, she was so concentrating on searching and picking on one of her arms.  The thing she was looking for might be a flea, bug, or tiny scar, the expression on her face showed tender and kind.  Orangutans share up to 97% genetic materials with our human being, and their intelligence level can reach as high as a 5 year-old kid.  Their behaviors and expressions resemble some of human’s.

Was that beautiful red-head female orangutan trying to make her look perfect, just like any young human girls?


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