Re – “Visit” the Volcanoes at Big Island

It has been almost a year since I visited big island of Hawaii.  The biggest attraction on the island is, of course, the Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii Post #2: Volcanos and Lava Flows).

But lately the news has been going around regarding eruption of Kīlauea volcanoes.  I feel sorry for those residents nearby impacted by the eruption, meanwhile I was lucky to see it last summer before the Park was completely closed.  Right now at home I can only “see” the scenes of the eruption, by re-touching the old photos I took while I was there.

I mainly added more smoke, vapor, more saturation on red color.  I also added ashes in the air to simulate the debris shot into sky by the power of eruption.

I wish in the near future I can go there again to see the wonder created by our mother nature.

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