Upside Down

In spring time we hang a bird feeder in our yard and fill it with seeds.  We want to make sure that the birds have enough foods after a brutal winter and get ready to have their babies.

Over last couple of weeks we filled the feeder in every morning, and found it completely empty at night.  It was hard to believe those tiny birds can eat that much everyday.  We wonder what have been going on with the seeds.

On Saturday morning I was having breakfast in front of window, and saw a squirrel somehow climbing to reach the feeder, which is about 5 ft above the ground.  The smart squirrel reached his arms inside the feeder, used his sharp claws to scratch the surface of seed block and let the loose seeds falling to ground so that he could eat.

I grabbed my camera to captured the entire processes as the “evidence” of the greedy squirrel.

For a squirrel it was a true adventure, for us it was a fun experience!

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