In One Week: from Winter to Summer

Last weekend, April 13 and 14, we were experiencing a ferocious blizzard which broken the historical record – Blizzard Finally Over

Since last weekend, the temperature has been constantly rising to reach 65 degree on this Sunday.  Even though there are still some small amount of snow on the ground, flower buds have broken the wet soil and sprouts started extending out from tree branches.  I went to take pictures of those beautiful swans one last time since I knew they would soon fly to the North for a cooler environment.  The picture of a swan was taken in the middle of the week, I found that they already left this morning.

I also saw some geese swimming alongside the swans.  Those geese will stay here to raise their families until next winter.

One morning I saw a young deer in the backyard of our house, he / she seemed very happy that warmth was finally here so that deers can have more food supplies.  The young deers even tongued out while I was focusing on him / her.

I am amazed by the power of nature to turn seasons in such an Unlikely fast way, and we do hope the warm weather will stay!

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