Blizzard – Finally Over!

Here is the report on April 14 2018:

“A ferocious April blizzard that the National Weather Service called “historic” plowed across much of Minnesota on Saturday, dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas, causing hundreds of accidents and forcing the shutdown of the Twin Cities airport and many state roads.

For the Twin Cities, it marked the first time a blizzard has descended on the metro area since 2005, according to the Weather Service. Forecasters warned that the storm was expected to keep roaring well into Sunday, and by Saturday’s end could bring snowfalls in some areas near the records for April 14 1983, when a storm ripped a huge gash in the Metrodome’s fabric roof, collapsing the fluffy top.

Flights in and out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were canceled for much of Saturday. Just before 11 p.m., officials said a runway was cleared and reopened to allow the last remaining flight of day to depart.

The storm also caused a cascade of cancellations of public events. Saturday’s and Sunday’s Twins games at Target Field against the Chicago White Sox were postponed. The Minnesota Orchestra canceled a concert, March for Science plans were scrubbed, and St. Paul Mayer Melvin Carter called off a major speech. Many stores and restaurants closed.  The Guthrie Theater canceled its Saturday and Sunday productions, and churches by the dozens were cancelling Sunday morning services.

Hundreds of crashes and spinouts were reported across the state. One fatality occurred late Saturday when a vehicle struck a pedestrian in Medina, but it was not clear if it was weather-related.”

After experiencing the biggest snowstorm I had seen in my life, I finally saw sunlight in blue sky this morning.  But such a “historic” blizzard, which brought us brief obstacles and beauties at the same time, will remain in my memories for ever.

This is what I can understand the meaning of Prolific, in early spring time at Minneapolis.

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