My Encounter with Bears

I just flew back from Denver, Colorado.  I went there to attend annual SAS Global Forum, which was at Colorado Convention Center.  The meeting schedules were full, I had to run nonstop from one meeting room to another and from morning till evening.  The contents I absorbed from numerous presentations, demos and posters did seem to be very helpful for my career as a data scientist.

Even though I carried my DSLR with me in the trip, I didn’t have a lot chances to look around except encounter with couple of bears.

One of the bears is a huge blue one leaning on a glass wall of the convention center.  The blue bear is watching what is going on inside the building.  In order to celebrate the forum, some logos of SAS were used to decorate the front side of the bear.  To me I don’t understand the reason behind the blue bear watching inside the building, but I do think the happy blue bear is a well built sculpture.

One the way walking back to my hotel, I found a staffed light brown bear sitting outside a candy store.  In contrary with the blue bear, this brown bear looks lonely and sad.  His coat is badly maintained even partially torn apart.  There are some stains on the red scarf around his neck.  He is frowning and pouting all the time, and his opening mouth seems to tell people something.  Poor little bear, nobody knows what happened to him.

I sat with him for a while before I left.  I will visit him again next time if I have chance to go to Denver, with a hope he will still remember me.

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