The Second Autumn of the Year

It has been cold and snowy at Minneapolis with the most plants and flowers withered by the harsh weather.

Even in the middle of winter season I experienced another beautiful autumn – at Dallas.  After a major project at work finished I finally had some spare time, I gave myself some refreshing time.  I flew to Dallas to meet with couple of friends, enjoy southern cuisine and once again see local fall scenes.

Compared with Twin Cities, Dallas has a much larger selection of foods.  Within four days we had Japanese, Chinese, Korean foods, and the best we had a crawfish dinner, which seemed to bring me back to the time of school at Louisiana.

The fall there is as beautiful as Twin Cities used to be.  The large number of maple trees let their leaves shinning under the warm sunshine.

It is always great to get some time off before facing more challenges.

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5 thoughts on “The Second Autumn of the Year

  1. Such a beautiful selection of autumn photos, Yan. Really like the long exposure one of the waterfall. Brilliantly done. Very nice to hear you had a great trip to Dallas and all the food sounded delicious 🙂

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