Experience with the Photography using Studio Light

Having been learning photography for two years, I was only able to rely on natural light to take photos on subjects or people.  Natural lights can provide a source to bring the natural beauties of subjects or people out, but it is hard to control.

I realized the in order to get a light source which I can control I need to have a photo studio.  I purchased a set of backdrops including stand, soft boxes, umbrella boxes, etc.  I spent entire weekend to set up based on the instruction and some videos from YouTube.  I moved around the lights, also tried white and black background.  Using remote control and 10s exposure delay, I was able to take Experimental portraits under studio lights.  I also saw the Transformation in the distributions of the lights and shades when I switched the background’s color.

In this process, I was both model and photographer.

It was fun!

What do you think?

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