I am Glad I could Help

Today I stopped by a gas station of local Sam’s Club.  As usual, I first insert my membership card into the card reader.  When I was waiting for the response I notice a lady, wearing long flowing dress and hijab, walking around to ask help from others, but I didn’t pay attention what problems the lady had ran into.

Soon the card reader told me that I needed to renew my membership, so I went into Sam’s Club store to get my membership renewed and returned to the gas station.

To my surprise the lady was still there and looked frustrated.  After I gassed up my vehicle, she walked toward me.  With not so fluent English, she asked me, “Can you please help me?”  “How can I help?” I asked her.  I need to gas up my car but my credit card stopped working.  Here is ten dollars, would you use your credit card to buy me some gas?”  She handed me ten bucks.  Up to that moment I remember that the gas station of Sam’s club is credit card only.  “No problem,” I told her, and inserted my credit card into the card reader and started pumping the gas into her car.  We chatted while waiting until the gas tank  became full.  “Oh, I am so sorry,” she yelled, “I didn’t pay attention, it is already over twenty dollars!” she pointed to the display above the credit card reader.  She searched though her wallet and only found a few quarters.  “Don’t worry about it!” I said.  “I can go to ATM to get cash for you.”  She insisted.  “Don’t worry about it!” I insisted as well.  Just before I was about to drive away, she walked in front of my car window to express her appreciation.

For me it was just a few bucks, but for her a few gallons of gas can send her back on the road to home.

I always remember that fragrance clings onto the hands which send roses to others.

I am glad I could offer my hands to a person who was really in need.

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