Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

We saw many different kinds of plants and flowers when we stayed at Hawaii for two weeks.  Most of them were new to me because they are growing in tropical area and I am living at Minnesota.

In the following group of selected flowers, I only know the “bird of paradise” (the first) and passion fruit (the second).

Can anybody help me to identify the rest of them?  Thanks!


16 thoughts on “Hawaii Post #5 – Tropical Flowers

  1. Your “bird of paradise” (that’s the common name) is called “Strelitzia” in South Africa where it is native and rivals the national flower – the King Protea – for representing the country. The next one is a clematis. In the next row the one with the thick stamen is a hibiscus, the one below an orchid, just like the one next to the flamingo flower (anthurium). The last one is a dahlia variety. – Lovely pictures! (I chose flowers, too, for the challenge).

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