Wish Everyday is a Nice Day

Recently a large amount of work has been rushing to me, which is almost beyond my capacity.  Often I work from  home each night to catch up with the challenging schedules.  Sometimes I felt frustrated if any tasks couldn’t be completed as planed.  Couple of nights ago, I remotely started my program in hope to get the results on next morning.  However the log of the program told me that the computer somehow rebooted in the middle of night and all data got lost.  I had no choice but restarted everything from ground zero.  Feeling exhausted while driving to home, I spotted the sunset on the west side of highway.  Immediately I decided to take a different route to the beach so the I could capture the beautiful sunset at early spring.

The Sun already sank behind the forest at the time I arrived the lakeside, leaving bright beams emitting towards blue sky.

But look at the clouds, does it look like a giant red tornado Twisted while rising towards sky?

I felt relieved and all worries which had been bothering me just went away.  I even felt a little embarrassed by being grump within such a beautiful world.  We can find treasures everyday inside our lives, the most important part is that we can enjoy them and even learn from them.

Wish everyday is a nice day!

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