As Bright as Torch


In the past weekend my family went to a local raptor center, where we saw many kinds of predatory birds.  Those birds have hooked beaks, strong curved claws and sharp eyes.  There it was the first time for me to get up close to our national bird – bald eagle.  They are not “bald”, just the feather on their heads is white to form a strong contrast with the dark brown feather on their bodies.  The strong contrast actually offers them characteristics of beauty, grace and dignity, as our nation.

I especially like their eyes.  When they look straight at me, I feel their eyes just as bright as a torch.


14 thoughts on “As Bright as Torch

  1. A beautiful photo of the eagle. I like the way the edge lighting trails off on the back and chest of the bird. The fade-to-black really emphasizes the stark white feathers on the head.

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