As Fast as Lightning

I can’t ski or snowboard at all.  However capturing those fast skiers or snowboarders has become my passion in this winter.

Before in each winter at Minnesota, the cold weather and grey sky always made me feel blue, especially I hated to get out and walk in snow.  In almost 6 month, I pretty much stayed inside most of winter times.

However a glimpse of those skiers and snowboarders on the ski hill near my house aroused my interest to take photos of them while they are in fast movement. I selected a sunny day and bundled myself up before I headed toward ski hill.  Then I was amazed by those young (or not so young) person who were so dynamic and energetic.  Sometimes they were moving as fast as lightning, and their capability to remain balance in such a “lightening speed” truly impressed me.  Busily pressing the shutter made me forgot the coldness and blueness.



Are they Ambience to inspire others?  I guess so.

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