Their Paths in the Cold

If somebody asks me what the scariest sport I have tried, without any hesitation I will come up with an answer – downhill skiing.

Years ago I took lessons to get a taste of downhill skiing.  The experience was unforgettable.  First I had really hard time to switch the direction in order to follow my teacher and the only way I could move was straight downward.  To make things worse I didn’t know how to use the techniques taught by my teacher to slow down or stop, the only way for me to stop was to just sit down in the snow.  The worst part was that I couldn’t stand up by myself after I fell, my poor teacher had to pull me up.  After couple of lessons both my teacher and me gave up.  I have not put on ski boots since then.

It is because I am an impossible skier that I have been really enjoying watching and photographing others skiing or snowboarding.  I am often amazed by how easy those people moving, jumping or even flipping in snow or in air.  The The Road Taken by them is nothing but marvelous!


For more photos of skiing and snowboarding, simply click here Yan’s Portfolio of Sports at Shutterstock.

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