Status of My 2016’s Resolutions

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“Life is short!”  I couldn’t fully understand this quote until I got into my forty’s.  Since then the sense of time flying by has been getting stronger and stronger.  As a result it became so important for me to live my life as full as possible.  I have two general requirements for myself: to visit at least one new place every year; to learn at least one new skill every year.  In addition I also set up specific new year’s resolutions at the end of the previous year.

I visited a new place – Sweden on October.  This short trip gave me a sneak peek on the life styles at the Nordic areas, and experienced a climate which is colder than Minnesota.  Here are the series of posts I wrote after the trip:

The Royal Palace of Sweden
The Capital of Volvo – Gothenburg
Her Name is Vasa
Changing of Guard in Stockholm
The Old Town at Stockholm

In 2016 I didn’t pick up any brand new skills, instead I decided to enhance my photography techniques.  Especially in the areas of macro, dynamics and portrait.  You may see some samples in those three areas here:

Those Tiny Lives on Daisy
“Pond Skim”
Arrival of Coldness

Besides I also had couple of “side” new year’s resolutions.  First I would like to increase the number of photos in my portfolio at Shutterstock up to 1,000 by the end of 2016.  Today the number already reached to 2,400, which exceeded the expectation.  Second I would like to reduce the number of items in my closet by half (My New Year Resolution – Simplification).  Even though I have been strictly following the rule to get rid of at least one old piece whenever I purchased a new piece, sadly the number of items in my closet are still up to eighty percent of the beginning of 2016.  The status of this resolution is below the expectation, and need to continue as one of the resolutions in 2017.

We are not able to re – make our pasts or to predict our future.  But we are always able to focus on present, as to live a life with our full potential.  While we say farewell to the year 2016 we also open arms to welcome the year 2017.  Even though on the Path there will be some new challenges waiting for us, we will continuously grow through them and cherish each moments.

Happy Holiday to all my readers!





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