Approach to a New Horizon

I have on – and – off learning to shot Bokeh.  During last couple of weeks I have been devoting my spare night time on workdays and weekends to enhance my “Bokeh” skills.  Fortunately there are a lot of holiday decorations with millions of little lights, I can easily find resources for my “Bokeh” practices.  I was wandering around with my DSLR camera in the shopping malls near my home and shot in front of anything with bunch of little lights on it.  Couple of times I was scolded by security guards not to take pictures in any stores.  At nights I made a station in my bedroom to display little light bulbs, used a tripod and a 200 mm lens with various filters to make bokeh patterns.

I emphasized the color adjustments through applying different split tones or simply selected the presets in Lightroom.  I believe that my photography skills has reached a New Horizon.


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