Some Unexpected Visitors on Thanksgiving

We decided to spend this Thanksgiving at our own home, instead of driving to the family farmland at northern Wisconsin.  Before we just drove there and enjoy the turkey dinner with family members, this year since celebration at home we had to come up with a dinner plan by ourself.  Then the responsibility of preparing the foods inevitably fell onto my shoulders.

Considering only 4 people at home, baking a huge turkey is not realistic unless we wanted to consume the leftovers during next couple of weeks.  So I decided to bake something out of oven but without any turkey included.  With the recipes from internet I did create green bean casserole and roasted chicken wings, a Chinese style soup with meal balls, tofu, seaweeds and rice noodles, plus steamed brown rices.

The result was unexpected good, and four of us were sitting around dinning table, digging in the foods, telling jokes and laughing loudly.  The green bean casserole was especially favored by all of us, it seems to become It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


More interestingly I saw a group of huge turkeys walking across our front yard around dinner time.  They brought tranquility and harmony into our holiday and did make our day!

Against the Odds

12 thoughts on “Some Unexpected Visitors on Thanksgiving

  1. I commented to my husband last night that one of the things that makes me unerringly excited about living here is seeing turkeys casually strolling around the place …. honestly I just LOVE them and I equally love your pictures!

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