Deer Hunting

The hunting season at Wisconsin started on November 18 this year, and will continue until November 27.

My husband’s families have been hunting for generations at Northern Wisconsin, so he decided to teach my daughter to hunt soon after she reached legal hunting age (I guess it is 11).  On last Friday my 12-year old daughter followed her daddy to the family farm, where they started their hunting journey on the early morning of Saturday.  They either sit in a cabin in the deep forest or walk around in orange suits to search for big bucks, or settle with does if they can’t find any bucks.  Soon after they spot a target, they aim at him (or her) and pull the trigger, then wait for the victim falling down or run away.


My daughter didn’t get anything on the first day after season opening.  She did shoot a buck on the second day.


She is so excited and proud, since this is not only her first hunting success but also the first deer shot in the entire family hunting team in this hunting season.

It is Magic!


PS, the only time I killed a deer was when I was driving my two – month old Jeep and hit a deer who was trying to cross a highway.  The repairmen of the car costed over $7,000, and I was definitely not proud of the incident.

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