Simply Play Magic

It is Friday night I am home alone watching the first snow in this winter flying down from the sky and listening to strong wind whizzing across the field.  A desire strikes me to create something bright to counter such a cold and wet weather.

I select one of the photos from my Shutterstock Portfolio shown as following:


I want to turn it into a vibrant “painting”.  Here are the steps I tried:

Step 1, open the photo in Photoshop.

Step 2, locate the layers panel at the lower-right corner of the workspace, or  go to Window > Layers. Right-click the “Background” layer and select Convert to Smart Object.

Step 3, open the filter gallery and select dry brush from artistic folder, play with Brush Size, Brush Detail and the Texture until a satisfactory result.

Step 4, locate the Adjustments panel above the Layer panel to the right of the workspace and adjust the Saturation slider to +65, which increases the intensity of the colors in the photo and emphasizes a painterly look.

Step 5 (optional), further adjust light, saturation, etc.

Here is what the final “painting” look like:


It is such a Magic that turns a longly cold night into a warm fall!

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