Small Size but Huge Eater

I believe that there are not many people in this world trying to eat something which is much bigger and heavier than himself, at least I have never been trying to do that.  But there are some cute creatures with huge dreams striving so hard to dig into and then eat something which is many times bigger and heavier than them.

There is a non-carved pumpkin sitting in front of our door since Halloween time, and there is one squirrel who has been working on it.



Sometimes he is using teeth to bite through the huge pumpkin, and other times he is using his claws to dig into the surface of the pumpkin.  Little by little he has made a lot of progress on his huge food stack.

Tiny things may lack strength and power,  persistence is all they need to overcome any obstacles.


22 thoughts on “Small Size but Huge Eater

  1. This is adorable! At my old apartment, there was a mouse that kept sneaking in, and he started eating a russet potato on the counter. We learned to coexist by not leaving food on the counter, and for the most part he stopped coming inside. He had so much character! I really grew to like him.

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