Stay Calm through Chaos

On Saturday morning, after dropping my daughter in her Karate studio I took a walk around Lake Nokomis.  Today’s weather is nice with sunshine and temperature close to 70 degree.  The lake is not nearly as crowed as couple of months ago.  The decks which used to let people walk towards to the middle of water have been moved away.  Most of trees surrounding the lake are either carrying a few withered leafs or only with bare branches left.  Everything there seems to remind people to take advantage of a few more nice day before winter storm attacks.

I stopped near an area with dead woods scattering in water, it was like a Chaos floating there.  I could only see the woods on the surface, God knows how far or how deep they have extended underneath the water.  I was standing there to enjoy the tranquility in the lake.  Suddenly I saw a canoe slowly moving across those dead woods.  I was surprised that somebody was brave enough to canoe here, what if it crashed or stacked by those woods?


The guy was paddling slowly and finally got through the zone of Danger!.


What a brave heart and a calm mind to drive him to a New Horizon!

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