A New Word I Have Just Learned

It is Transmogrify!

Even though the latest weekly photo challenge provides a very detailed explanations on the word “transmogrify”, I still had a hard time to fully understand its meaning until the past Sunday morning.

Ron and I took a walk around nearby Normandale Lake, we were enjoying the colors of leaves around us.  A lot of leaves dancing their way down on the walkway besides the lake, I selected a small pile of leaves and picked up a big red one to place on Ron’s hand.  I took a photo on the set from above his hand.


Then we continued our walking around the lake with that big red leaf in my hand.  Suddenly I noticed a signage of a little person laying in the middle of the road – he was walking, just like what we were doing at that time!  It was “transmogrify”!  Such a Magic coincidence helped me fully understand the word.

To appreciate the little person, I placed the red leaf in his hand and snap a photo of him walking with a big red leaf.


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