The Royal Palace of Sweden

The Royal Palace is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.  Its square-shape brick exterior, together with the castle lions at the northern facade, represents a royal power and dignity.  It was built in the middle of 13th century and contains over 1,400 rooms.

It is almost impossible for anybody to get a throughout look at such a magnificent building.  Even though I only spent a few hours inside the palace, I’ve had great experience to capture some of its beauty.

One of the interesting stories I heard during the touring the palace was about the royal banquet.  The banquet was set for some important ceremonies among royal members.  In the middle of the table a swan embraces a roast chicken, besides there is a whole roast pigs and many other foods.  Since the foods were so much more than people could possibly consume, the eaters had to vomit out the foods in their stomach before going back to continuously eat.

I am not so sure whether it was a healthy habit, but plenty supplies symbols happy and peaceful life among Swedish people at that time.


Since then, without wars over 200 years, I believe that nowadays the people there are still following a happy and peaceful life.

Good for them!


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