The Old Town at Stockholm

We just flew back to home last night, after one week trip to Sweden.

After visiting Volvo headquarter at Gothenburg we took train to Stockholm, where we spent four days.

Over years I have formed a habit that while visiting a brand new place, I must see those spots which gave birth to the modern society and civilization.  Not too far from the Lake Mälaren there was an old city which presents the life styles of Nordic people many years ago.  The reddish bricks form walking street, the tall buildings were pained red, orange or yellow.  Strolling along the streets, listening to the unfamiliar language and browsing local souvenirs, I could feel the people from far past enjoying the community and friendship here.


Nearby there are some residence areas built in recent years.  To my surprise those modern building are carrying some distinct features from their “ancestors” in the old city.



3 thoughts on “The Old Town at Stockholm

  1. Always nice to see the lifestyles of the past of a place. You can get a feel of not only their lifestyle but their values too. Stockholm looks simple, peaceful, and those are lovely photos. Hope you had a good trip 🙂


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