The Sunset at Early Fall

We are already in early fall.  With the leaves falling from tree branches, the temperature starts going south, especially in the morning.

Having been photographing sunset scenes, I paid attention on the time of sunset everyday from the weather channel.  The time switches from close to 9:00 pm in the middle of June to 7:15 pm right now, which tells us we have lost around one hour 45 minutes daytime per day since fall came.

Since there are more gloomy weather now than the summertime, I don’t go to the lakeside to see the sunset as often as before.  After skipping couple of weeks without any sunset photos, last night I decided to go to the lakeside again.  “Good luck!” Ron said to me before I left house, he didn’t believe I could see any sunlight during such a cloudy weather.

Soon after I arrived at the beach, I was shocked by the breathtaking sunset.  The Sun was mostly blocked behind clouds, but its rays of light was refracted through the clouds to produce many different colors, red, orange, yellow, blue, grey.  Those colors were reflected by the water, the sky and the water merged together under long exposure.



Our mother nature has not and will never disappoint us by offering various miracles throughout four seasons.

“You have missed the most beautiful sunset!” I told Ron after I came back home.


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