Seeking Suggestions on Upcoming Trip to Sweden

After driving a Toyota Sienna for over 12 years, I finally decided to make a change.  My next car will be Volvo XC90 2017 model.  After I placed the order, Volvo company offers two round trip flight tickets, 4 nights hotel stays and the reimbursements on any train tickets under $100.

I persuaded one of my friends to go with me so that I will not get lost in strange country.  Our itinerary (starting on October 8) includes couple of days at Gothenburg, where I will verify the car built for me and sign the papers for the shipment back to US.  Then we will take a train to Stockholm and spend 4 days there.



While being so excited to visit such a picture – perfect place, I, my friend as well, am also a little nervous on going to explore a country where English is not its native tongue.  This means that we will not able to read any road signs or displays, might be also difficult to communicate with the people there if we really need any helps.  What local attractions should be put onto our to-see lists during such a limited time?

Any advices or tips are appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Seeking Suggestions on Upcoming Trip to Sweden

  1. I would say you do not have to worry. Most Swedes speak very good English. They are extremely friendly and you will enjoy all that great country has to offer. I spent beautiful days in Stockholm, a paradise for designers and nature lovers. Gamla Stan is impressive! Greetings from the southern hemisphere! Roberto

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  2. Oh you’ll have a lovely time here! Yes, language isn’t going to be a problem. It will be a bit coldish, now that it’s officially autumn. But you might have a bit of sun still. As Roberto says, Gamla Stan, the old town is super nice & cozy. Also, the island of Djurgården is a nice place with plenty of museums & an amusement park. If you have specific things on your mind, go ahead & ask, I’ll try to help you out. Have a happy trip!

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