The Night Scenes at Lake Superior

On the long weekend of labor day we drove to Lake Superior at Duluth.

Since I was very poor in geography, I asked my husband, Ron: “which one is bigger, Lake Superior or Lake Minnetanka?”  Ron laughed out loudly, “Lake Superior is 1,000 times bigger than Lake Minnetanka!”  Later I also know that Lake Superior is the biggest fresh water lake in the world.  Standing on the shoreline of Lake Superior, I felt like I was standing besides a borderless ocean.

The night scenes around the Ariel Lift Bridge at Lake Superior is spectacular, with the help of a tripod I used long exposure (~ 20 seconds) to capture the buildings along the shorelines, the bridge and their reflections in water.

photo-64 copy

photo-69 copy

It was a very productive family holiday, in photography as well as in geography.


7 thoughts on “The Night Scenes at Lake Superior

  1. Youre not poor in geography, Yan, you just grew up in a country where the size of lakes in north america was not taught. Im sure you know all about the rivers and mountains of the country you grew up in.
    fantastic shots!

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