Frame a Harvest

photo-2 copy

I can’t believe that it is moving toward the end of August, for a Minnesotan, it also means the end of summer.

At the beginning of this summer we planted bunch of cherry tomatoes in backyard, most of those tomatoes turned to be snacks for deers except some lucky ones.  This weekend we harvested all the remaining tomatoes and put them in a wood bowl carved by a talented friend.  They were not much especially for my daughter who was staring at them while I was snapping their photos, but they were (already gone while I was in the middle of processing the photo) the only edibles grown in our yard this summer.


7 thoughts on “Frame a Harvest

  1. So cute to hear your daughter putting the cherry tomatoes into a handmade wooden basket. Sounds like she is treating the veggies very kindly and I hope they made for delicious meals. Good work this summer 🙂 My parents are also very fond of planting cherry tomatoes. Last summer in Australia they planted a lot. I think they will do the same again later this summer 🙂

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