Japanese Lantern Lighting

I went to a Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Park last weekend.  It was the very first time for me to experience Japanese cultures at local area and to see lantern lighting.

Soon after sunset people used a holder with long handle to deploy lanterns into a pond.  It was contrary to Chinese tradition in which lanterns are hung above ground during their lantern festival.

photo1-176 copy

photo1-178 copy

I checked some information regarding this kind of festival, it is said, “The event is reminiscent of Japan’s annual Obon holiday, an important cultural and family event.  During this holiday it is said that ancestral spirits revisit their families for three days.  Many people will return home to pay their respects at grave-sites, and often small paper lanterns are lit and floated down the river to guide ancestor’s spirits.”

So I understand that those small lanterns were leading the spirits to pass their traditions to many following generations.

It is an unusual and Rare way of communication between past and present, isn’t it?

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