Curious Mya

photo5-9 copy

At the end of the last school year, my daughter, Amber, volunteered to take care of school pet – Mya, the chinchilla.

Mya is as cute as a snowball, but agile as a squirrel.  We have been keeping her inside a two – stories cage since she arrived at our home.  We have never let her out of her cage because we are worried that we would not be able to capture her.  The next school year is just around the corner, we know Mya will leave us very soon.  This morning I suggested we took some risk by letting Mya out for a while for photo shooting.  With three of us sitting in front of the door of her cage ready to capture her in case she jumped and ran.  Then we slowed opened the door on the first floor.  Mya approached to the door, her little paws grabbed onto the edge of the door while her head slightly extended out.  She was looking around Corner curiously as if to ask us, “Hey, is it safe and fun out there?”.

With the help of flashlight, I was able to capture such a rare moment.


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