OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Robin Kent.

Here is the original photo,

original copy

The name of the photo is “London Eye”, which makes me think that the photo must be from London.  Even though I have never visited London, I know the place famous of its gloomy weather and frequent raining.

So I decided to add raining effect on the photo to accommodate its already gloomy – look.  The noise addition and motion blurring functions were used to accomplish this goal.  Meanwhile more saturation in color was used to make photo look “wet”.

Here is the final results:


I am stilling looking for any ways to add ripples in the water and on the roofs of those buildings.

Any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

  1. I love the rain and tone here. 🙂 Photoshop can make ripples although I think here it wouldn’t show up as much because of the small space of water. I think it looks great as is!


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