Photographing a Family Gathering


Having practicing photography for one and half years, I consider it as one of the most fun activities.  In spare time, I have been seeing something amazing through camera lens, which I completely ignored before.  Moreover photography has taught me how to observe my surroundings in a deeper way with my own eyes.

With 1,500 photos passing the rigorous standards at Shutterstock, I became a “celebrity photographer” among my friends and my confidence is sky – high.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me whether I can photography her parents – in – law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I said “yes” immediately.  However, I wasn’t so confident because I had not take photos of people very much.  Most importantly photography of such an important event could not be redone.  So I consulted some photographers for wedding or other big events, they all advised me nothing scary and just guide people to smile towards the lens.  They also told me to take continuous shots on one scenes in case that somebody blinks eyes.

On last Saturday night, my daughter and I were invited to the family gathering.  The old couple not only have brothers and sisters also have five sons, each of them has their own families with multiple kids.  I was so confused by their family tree of three generations but still laughing at all the funny stories within last 50 years.

Some adults were trying to connect the kids with their parents, but had hard time to figure out which family my daughter (in the middle of the first row, with purple T-shirt) might be from.  My daughter told them proudly, “I am from the photographer’s family!”

It was a Fun!!

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