Silent Sunday with Laziness

Last night I was invited to photograph a party of celebrating 50th year wedding anniversary.  It was a fun event with a lot of touching stories shared by family members.

This Sunday Morning, I decided to get lazy and Relax as a sleepy seagull I captured a few days ago along the Pacific shoreline.  I couldn’t help laughing just by looking at its opening beaks yawning.

photo-109 copy

In addition this photo of sunset over Pacific Ocean taken using long exposure definitely helps me calm my mind.

photo-168 copy

Wish you all have a nice relaxing weekend!


12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday with Laziness

  1. You woke a seagull?! I hope this doesn’t mean bad luck???
    I love this picture of the seagull. It shows how I feel often in the morning. It’s really great!


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