The Sun behind “Veil”


Even though I have been going to the same lakeside to capture sunset scenes, I can get different experiences and the views every time.

Couple of nights ago, the weather was steamily hot with heavy clouds scattering in the sky.   Just before 9 o’clock the Sun was going through a thin layer of cloud on its way down to horizon.  I stood behind another passionate photographer to snap the photo to record such a Transient moment.

Here is it – a warm sunset background with a silhouette of a photographer, and the Sun behind “veil” serves as “Cherry On Top“.

7 thoughts on “The Sun behind “Veil”

  1. Beautiful sunset, Yan. They seem to follow you around. Very lucky 🙂 “… another passionate photographer” I like how you think highly of that other person in front of you. So kind 🙂

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