Detail and Blurring, All Together

Having heard that the best place to shot sunset photos at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas is the Stone Arch bridge.

Last night soon after dinner, I carried my DSLR and tripod to the bridge.  The weather was sunny which made me think that I might  be able to captures some magnificent sunset scenes.  However soon after I parked the car, the Sun disappeared and the sky was clustered with heavy clouds.  It even started light rain when I walked in the middle of the bridge.  I realized that my dream to shoot sunset there had faded away.

I immediately changed my plan – shooting night scenes using long exposure.

Here are couple of photos blending the Details and blurring together (f22, 2 seconds, ISO100).

St. Anthony Fall from the Stone Arch Bridge.

photo-10 copy

Minneapolis downtown skylines, on the Stone Arch Bridge.

photo-17 copy

Both photos present details of the buildings, but blur the waterfall and walking people.

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