Two Cameras for One Wedding Scenes

This morning our families took an advantage of pleasant weather to walk on local famous Stone Arch Bridge.

We ran into a group of people who were there for a special event – to witness a young couple tie the knot.  Attracted by the beautiful dress and the hairstyle of the bride, I stopped for a few minutes to share their happy moment.

Soon after I observed that there were two busy wedding photographers, who always took photos on the Opposites of bride / groom, as shown below.

wedding_group_2 copy

As a fairly amateur photographer, I don’t understand the reasons behind shooting two photos from opposite directions at the same time.  Besides the tricks in Photoshop to combine two in one, I can’t image any reasons to do so.

Does anybody know?

4 thoughts on “Two Cameras for One Wedding Scenes

  1. It saves a lot of time and leads to more natural photos. Photos are taken from different angles for more variant shots. The couple do not need to keep the same pose until it feels unnatural. If a photographer wants shot from both directions he/she will have to move position and it will take more than double the time.

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