Those Curves Captured by Flashlight

I have experienced macro photography a few time before, but in the past weekend I tried to use flashlight during macro shooting.

It was sunny but windy, the objects under the macro lens were moving constantly.  In the past I usually selected the maximum aperture as I could which allowed me to use very high shutter speed in order to “freeze” the motions.  However this often resulted in extremely short depth of field, sometime it was hard to see the “focal points” in a picture.

This time I turned on the flashlight on my Nikon D5500, and set the aperture to around 9 and shutter speed around 1/400 seconds.  The results turned out to be superb, with sharp focused image and uniform distribution of the light, especially let those details stand out nicely from their background.

Here is pin cherry bush:

photo-23 copy

and here is the center of hosta flower:

photo-17 copy

I am glad I made a slight progress in photography techniques.


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