Rising after Falling

Windsurfing seems to be very difficult sport, a surfer has to keep adjusting the sail according to the direction of wind blowing while maintaining balance on a small narrow board.  Even though I have never tried it, I could feel the difficulties just by watching somebody else windsurfing.

I was walking around Lake Nikomis last weekend, I saw a white – orange color sail moving up and down (most time it was down) in the lake.  I used my zoom lens to observe what was going on.  I discovered a guy in red shirt learning windsurfing.  Apparently he was not yet anywhere near professional level in such a challenging sport.  He kept falling into water with the sail and had to try so hard in order to climb back onto the board.

photo2-20 copy

After he finally got onto the board, he strived to hold the handles and let the wind drive him a short distance before he fell again.  For around an hour, I could see that he spent much longer time in water than on the board.

photo2-21 copy

At beginning I couldn’t help laughing while watching him windsurfing / diving through my 200mm zoom lens, however, soon his spirit in rising after falling started inspiring me.  Looking back in my career and personal life, I have going through numerous ups and downs, I especially learned and thrived through those failures.

I believe this is applicable to anybody.

11 thoughts on “Rising after Falling

  1. Two lovely captures from afar. He certainly looks determined to sail along with the waves and wind. Good on him. Getting up and moving along teaches us to be tough and we only fail when we fail to get back up. Also, credit to you for moving on from your hard past, Yan. Hope you are doing well 🙂

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