One Thousand Stock Photos!

As a full time data scientist, I can only get time to practice my photography over weekends, holidays, vacations, etc.  I took all time slots I could possibly find to take pictures, process raw photos, and upload onto Shutterstock website for review.  Due to the limited time and fairly high rejection rate, I used to add around 10 photos per week since I became a contributor on September 2015.

One of my new years’ resolutions is to achieve 1,000 photos in my portfolio.  I can’t increase the amount of spare time I have after work, but I can improve the acceptance rate.  I have been studying the photography techniques through youtube in order to get the most of image quality during shooting.  Meanwhile I am also enhancing the techniques to process raw photos based on the feedback given by Shutterstock on those rejected photos.

So the acceptance rate has been rising from 30% – 40% up to recent 80% – 90%.  Today after the latest batch of photos uploaded, I noticed that the number of the stock photos in my portfolio has reached to 1,000!


The harder I try, the higher the Numbers are, this can be also applied to other areas.

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