Hello, Any More Bread for Me?

There is a park near water at downtown Seattle, which is full of ducks / duckings, geese / goslings.  Those fowls at Seattle is very different from the fowls at Minneapolis – they are NOT scared by people.  Actually when a person was here, they walked toward the person, extended their heads out to request for foods.

I got a piece of bread from a young couple, sat onto a bench, torn one small piece and gave to a goose.  When I was ready to tear more pieces from the bread, another big tall goose reached to my hands, grabbed the entire bread and ran away.  Surprised by their agility, I didn’t run after the big tall goose.  Instead I took off camera lens cap to take some closeup photos.

One goose looked right into my camera, as if asking me “do you have more to Spare?”.  “No, I don’t have bread anymore!” I shouted while quickly pressing the shutter.

photo-3 copy

A gosling picked up one last bread crumb on the ground, and raised his / her head to ask for more from mommy / daddy.

photo-9 copy

It is not very often for us to get so close to our fowl friends.


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