“Tear” Drops

It has been raining during last couple of days.  Soon after the Sun finally came out, I took my DSLR camera out to our yard in hope to capture the images of flowers or plants just washed by rain.

The bleeding hearts has been in their full bloom for a week, previous experience told me that they might be fading away during next couple of weeks.  Today those hot pink hearts were adored with crystal clear drops, as if they were shading tears due to broken hearts.  After processing the photos by Lightroom I was surprised to see those drops in the background formed a bunch of Bokeh circles around the flowers.

photo-9 copy

Rain has also brought some flowers life close to the end.  Tulips have mostly gone through their life circle for this spring and withered with empty stems standing in cold wind.

photo-15 copy

Meanwhile I saw peony buds coming out from their stems after cultivation by rain.  I am expecting to see them full blooming at the beginning of June.

photo-31 copy

Our great mother nature has been constantly offering us something marvelous regardless of times or seasons.


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