The Daily Treasures

Late spring to early summer is the time for Minnesotan to start enjoy outdoor activities.  With the great advantage of numerous lakes around the Twin Cities there are countless gems I can capture through my camera lens no matter which lake I choose to explore.

I was wandering around Lake Calhoun on this past Sunday afternoon.  It was sunny with temperature close to 80 degree.  The people came out of their homes to experience the first hot weather this year.  Families or friends were gathering for picnics besides the lake, which attracted some mallards leisurely swimming around in case somebody accidentally dropped their foods.

photo1-22 copy

It was interesting to see some ducks not afraid of people at all.  This duck was resting under a tree where a group of people sitting less than 10 feet away.  Finally a toddler girl in a pale pink dress noticed him, and slowly walked toward him.  Vey hesitantly the lazy duck stood up and started walking while stilling looking back at the little girl.

I couldn’t help laughing when I was following this duck – girl pair to capture a series of precious moments.

photo1-19 copy

Isn’t it a treasure offered by the Earth?

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