Out of Comfort Zone

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This morning I formally announced my resignation from my current position.

Over the past fours years I have been working to help the bank find the unfairness caused by arbitrarily limiting financial services on minorities in the consumer lending.  My daily work includes building statistical models to “quantify” the loan origination processes.  Then we use those models to scan through entire loan applications in search of the “outliers”, which are often the results of beyond regular underwriting processes.

The work is challenging but interesting if you think less than 10 “outliers” were picked up from several million records.  Looking for a few needles by going through a huge stack of hay is one of the capabilities as a data scientist.  I have been truly enjoying the time in front of computer to create codes, graphs and reports.

Why do I decide to quit?

People quit their jobs for various reasons, either due to bad relationship with bosses or peers or boring routines, etc.  My case doesn’t include any of these since I have a great relationship with the people I am working with, and I am not tired of my responsibilities.  Actually I can proudly say that regardless what obstacles get on my way I can always manage to overcome them, my boss once expressed the same ideas on me.  Couple of years ago I independently took over a project to build a database containing over 14 million records.  It filled a gap and had a huge impact on our organization.  Going through numerous unknowns with zero help I enhanced my expertise and established my credibility among peers.

Here comes the reason why I am leaving – since I don’t see this kind of challenges plus excitements coming to me on my current position.

I am a kind of person who needs encouragements to once again step out of comfort zone, to learn and create something new.  For me the encouragements can be new knowledge coming with new fields, new group of peers and new management.  Trying to fit myself into a new environment is itself a very first challenge for me to handle.

As long as I live, I want to grow, to explore both in career and life!



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