The Silhouettes of Two Photographers under Sunset


Every night after dinner, as long as I could see the Sun still emitting rays of light through clouds, I picked up my DSLR to capture the scenes of sunset.  I usually arrived at the lakeshore about half an hour before sunset time.  Most of the nights, I was the only photographer, together with a few people walking themselves or their dogs.  Once a while couple of birds flying across my camera lens, I could get them into my picture frames if I pressed the shutter at the very right time.

Last night, to my surprise there were a couple of photographers who arrived at the lakeshore early than I did.  We were all waiting for the Sun slowly sinking behind the trees, and for the Dense colors showing in the sky.  We were busy pressing shutters between 10 minutes prior to Sunset and 5 minutes after Sunset.

After I got enough colorful sky, I was thinking to create some silhouettes of people on the background of sunset.  I sneaked behind those two photographers without their notice, and quickly pressed the shutter a few times.

The images, which represent the Opposites lightening conditions, becomes even more interesting with people paying their Admiration to the natural wonders on the Earth.

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