Encounter with a “Social Engineer”


Today on noon time, I went to my favorite restaurant for lunch.

After I placed my order, my iPhone ringed with an Unknown number on the screen.  I answered the phone, a man with Indian accent started talking.

“Mam, your computer has been infected by some fatal viruses.  You must take actions immediately, otherwise you will loss all your information!”  The man sounded very anxious.

“Really?” I said with a little fear.  “I have several computers, do you know which one has been infected by the viruses?”  I asked the man.

“The one you usually use to manage you bank’s checking and saving accounts.”  The man sounded even more anxious.  Soon after I heard what he said, I realized that I was talking with a “social engineer” who was setting a trap.  But since my foods was not ready yet, I decided to play along.

“That is terrible!”  I yelled with pretended crying voice.  “How can you help me to clean the viruses?”  I tried to make my voice sound enthusiastic.

“I will guide you step by step through the phone.”  The man seemed a little relaxed, he finally got my attention.  “Are you in front of your computer?”  He asked.

I could see the entire schemes; he would let me turn on the computer which I usually use to manage my online checking, saving, investment and retirement accounts.  Then he would have let me tell him my computer name and the IP address.  Finally he could take control of the computer and steal all my financial information.  Or he could have directed me to a website and installed some software he recommended for the same purpose – steal.

“No, I am not in front of my computer.  I am actually in front of my foods, and I am ready to eat!”  I told him with a laugh.

“When do you have time so that I can call you back?”  The man with Indian accent didn’t want to give up.

“How about eleven hours, fifty minutes and forty five seconds from now?”  I couldn’t help laughing out.

I decide to write down this story not just for fun, more importantly to warn others never let any strangers lead you to this kind of traps.


2 thoughts on “Encounter with a “Social Engineer”

  1. Yes, my mom had someone who had been working with her and earned her trust go to the “dark side” and try to get her money that way. Mom is very observant and shut the guy down. They are rampant. I wrote a piece called “Sir Spamalot” that is similar but talks more about the silly threatening phishing spams I’ve received. Those have stopped but the phone calls are rampant. Don’t answer ANY number you don’t know. Force them to leave a message. The National Do Not Call registry does not help. I’ve been on that and update it every six months but there is no regulation or prosecution unless they are caught red handed. BE CAREFUL!

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