Here Comes a New Spring!

At Minnesota a winter usually lasts about six months, a springtime is more precious.  Even though we can still see some snow flakes once a while, plants’ buds have started sprouting

and animals have started come out of their hibernating places to seek for foods and foster their new generations.

We, the people, can’t wait to get out of the houses where we have spent most of time during the last six months to bathe under the sunshine and breath into fresh air.

Here we may treasure the warm weather more than any other places, because it is shorter.  We take the advantage of each nice day to go out, to gain new energy and experience new outdoor hobbies which we set our minds on.  Some survey results showed that the fitness of Minnesotans is among one of the top ranks over the country.  It largely attributes to the fact that Minnesotans love outdoor activities, especially from spring to late fall.  In addition the natural resources such as numerous lakes spreading across Twin Cities provide us with the places where we can enjoy many sports on water.

After warmth is replaced by coldness, Minnesotans can still find something to get involved, such as all kinds of fun activities with snow and ice.

For somebody, like myself, who is really afraid of cold weather there is a man – made wonder at Minnesota which serves as one of the locations where people can spend time during brutal winter – Mall of America!

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